Go from overwhelmed, lost and lonely

to being the mother you dreamed

of being.

As soon as those lines appeared on the pregnancy test, you knew what kind of mother you’d be.

You envisaged romantic, peaceful days with your newborn baby filled with cuddles, love and contentment. 

But now that your baby is here, you’re finding yourself continually doubting your own decisions, you’re out of your depth and nothing is how it was meant to be. The more you listen to the world around you, the more you reach out for advice and try to do everything you think you should be doing, the further removed from who you want to be as a mother, you become.

If you started your journey to motherhood with big dreams of easy days only to find nothing seems to come naturally, you’re in the right place.

You know you need a professional friend to lean on, someone who offers no judgement, practical advice and who keeps you away from that 3am Google rabbit hole we’ve all been down.

Does this sound familiar?

• You’re a first time mum who’s feeling out of her depth and struggling to see how any of this can be enjoyable

• Life as a mother isn’t how you thought it would be

• You have children already but this time around you know you need to do things differently to enable you to grow into your role as mother of more than one child

• You know that motherhood doesn’t have to be this hard/lonely/consuming but you just don’t know how to get out of the cycle you’re stuck in

• You love the idea of making decisions and trusting your instincts without the need to rely on other people’s opinions and suggestions

If you answered yes to any of those, then it’s time that we met. 

It's time


We met

Meet Sam


Meet Sam

Hi, I’m Sam

If you’ve never heard of me before, maybe you stumbled across me during your witching hour googling, you’re probably wondering who I am. I’m Sam and I am so glad you’re here.

I have over 30 years of experience working with mums from being an NHS midwife through to privately working with families in their home as they embark on their journey as parents. This professional experience, as well as my experience as a mum to 3 children is why I am qualified to help you blossom into the mother you deserve to be.

In addition to being a qualified midwife and maternity nurse, I’m a certified Wellbeing Life Coach as well as an Energy, Psychology and Spiritual Life Coach & Breathwork Instructor.

I have spent my whole career working with families, babies, pregnant women, and new mums, supporting them during their transition into parenthood and family life. I work with first time mums and often go back again and again to support families as they welcome new additions.

Often society today tells us that one way is better than the other but I believe that finding the way that is natural and right for you is your right way. I know that everything you need is already inside you but it’s only when you understand how you feel that you can start to define what you need.

I believe parents are the experts when it comes to caring for their own baby.

I know that when parents are supported, encouraged and listened to, they are able to believe in their own natural ability to parent without question or worry.

I am simply there to help them learn to trust themselves, their instincts and to give them confidence in the decisions they take. I’m here to help you relieve the pressure of being the perfect mum and, instead, to focus on creating your own version of motherhood.

Imagine what it would feel like to trust your instinctuition, to be confident enough to parent how you always thought you would.

Imagine being at peace with your choices regardless of all the outside chatter, knowing that your decisions are coming from a place of being true to who you are.

Imagine not simply existing in motherhood but thriving in it, responding to your baby rather than reacting to them.

Motherhood isn’t about chasing perfection, despite what Instagram might have us believe. It’s about understanding who you are, trusting your instincts, embracing your intuition, and knowing that all of your feelings are normal and valid. It’s about finding a way to feel seen and heard as you, as the mother you deserve to be.

Imagine how



This is your motherhood journey, experienced by you. Defined by you.

You have everything you need inside you already. The instincts. The knowledge. The intuition. The expertise. You just need to see it, trust it, and believe in it.

And that is where I come in. I use all of my experience to help you define what motherhood looks like to you, so you can transform those roots and that connection into a flourishing relationship that is right for you and your baby.


Sam recommending recipes and tips

It’s not too late to become the mother you dreamed of being, one who knows how to trust her instincts and knowledge.

Motherhood Mentoring is a 6 week package that is perfect for first time mums who find themselves in the thick of the tsunami and who feel like they’re struggling to even tread water. It’s also perfect for those who are already mums but know that this time around they can’t, or don’t want to, do it all alone.

Sam working on a laptop

This is your journey, your experience and I am here to walk the path alongside you.

Working with me doesn’t involve cookie cutter, one size fits all solutions. My job is to help you regain the balance, to encourage you to know what path it is you want to walk and support, guide, and mentor you along it.

I am your personal google, your professional friend.

A Pro



What will



By the end of our 6 weeks together...

You will be confident in your role as mother and be able to trust your instincts, listen to yourself and revel in the knowledge you are the best person to be the mother to your child.

You’ll no longer feel like you’re forever juggling everything and trying to do it all, feeling like the goalposts are always moving, or feeling like a failure if they do.

You’ll start to not just understand that you’re the expert, but you’ll start to believe it too.

“As a mother Sam made me feel totally supported and more confident, she also went out of her way to make life with a newborn not just manageable but a wonderful experience.”

Caroline and baby potatoes x2

Following our initial call to get to know each other and for you to ask questions, we’ll start with a face to face meeting (location dependant).

This enables me to get a sense of your environment and forms the foundation of the tailored plan we create. 

From then on we’ll work together virtually with check-ins via Zoom and Whats App support available giving you the opportunity to speak in depth, or check in quickly between our scheduled sessions.

Because everything we do is bespoke based on your needs the exact structure will depend on the plan we put together for you but we’ll cover everything from the practical side of things to the emotional guidance you need. So if you want to work out a plan for co-sleeping or having your baby in their own room, or you want to be heard about the type of parent you want to be, I’ll be on hand to listen, advise, and guide you along the way.

At the end of our time together we’ll have a check in again, and work out a plan with next steps to help you stay on track and move forwards with the confidence to trust your expertise as the incredible Mother you are.



The Motherhood Mentoring Package


6 weeks of Sam In Your Pocket: One to one access to me via Whatsapp or Voxer, 5 days a week between the hours of 9-6. Tailored, personal support to help you ‘in the moment’ whether you’re struggling with breastfeeding latch or feeling overwhelmed by the responsibility of motherhood, I’ll be there to talk you through the heaviness.
Value: £828

Weekly 1:1 60-90 minute chats via Zoom: These sessions allow us to explore your emotions, feelings, and behaviours as well as address all those questions you want to dive deeper into.
Value: £1575

A toolkit for you to use to help keep aligned to your wants, wishes and goals.
Value: Priceless 

Audio or 1:1 breathwork techniques & sessions for you to pull on when needed.

Product recommendations personally verified and endorsed by my 30 plus years of experience.

Resources tailored to the topics that come up in our weekly meetings.

Lifetime access to a private community of other mums with ongoing access to Sam.

Together we will work through everything you need to flourish as a mother, no guesswork, no flitting from expert to expert hoping they have the answers you need, no questioning yourself.

Just me and you, breaking down the journey you’re on into small, manageable steps and goals that come together to create a practical and emotional foundation for your role as a mother.

Six weeks of The Motherhood Mentoring package starts at £1,500.

Imagine if, 6 months down the line, things haven’t changed and you’re still feeling out of your depth struggling to enjoy any moments with your baby.

Let’s fast forward one year… you’re still feeling like motherhood isn’t for you, there are too many pressures and nothing you do is right.

Rather than being stuck in the sadness and grief over losing the motherhood you envisaged, let’s reclaim your power as a mother, now.




But surely I need to put my baby first?

Right now, you’re probably questioning whether you deserve to invest in yourself, leaning towards the decision to book another baby massage course and get yourself out there like “all the other mums do” Maybe you’re caught up in the belief that you should be feeling grateful for this new role and embracing it instead of admitting the challenges.

Whatever the head chatter is telling you, you deserve to look after yourself.

“You can’t pour from an empty cup.

Take care of yourself first”

“Sam knows everything about babies and young children. She was an exceptional support and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to anyone.”

Katie and baby W

Are you ready to embark on a journey to create your own version of motherhood?

Great! I am excited to support you along the way and cannot wait to see you flourish. Let’s kick things off with a chat to get to know each other.

Simply click below to schedule a call and let’s get going.