Forget new parent overwhelm, tune back into your own mother-skin

Being a new mother can be confusing. Fact!

There is a huge amount of information out there on the internet and in books about what you should or shouldn’t be doing as a new parent. Then, to add to the overwhelm, you have well-meaning friends and family giving you advice and tips of what they did with their children. I can feel your headache from here! 

But, the thing is, EVERY parent is different, EVERY child is different and yes you guessed it, EVERY situation is different. Most of the time, you can’t beat your own instincts!

Trust your motherly Instinct 

Instinct is a powerful thing, and trusting it can be even harder, especially when you feel like you are being pulled in different directions. This can lead to mothers becoming tired, stressed and feeling like they are not coping well with motherhood. Thankfully, you can tune back into your own natural ways of mothering, bringing out the best for you and your children, and feel at home in your own ‘mother-skin’.

Tap into your soulfulness and let go of the ego!

As human beings, from an early age, the ego has a strong role in how we see ourselves in the world around us. The ego like facts, and this can take over the soulfulness of our instincts. The soul becomes the observer of the ego. It is the ego that forces the drive for knowledge as a new mother, yet everything you need is already within you. After giving birth, you are flooded with new feelings, and this is where the soul suddenly becomes promoted over the ego. The more often new mothers can tap into their soulfulness, the safer and more relaxed they feel as parents. This, of course, benefits baby too!

Become the mother you are truly meant to be…

As a motherhood mentor, I help new mothers become exactly who they are meant to be, parenting in their own instinctive style, guided by their soul. There is no right or wrong. The soul connection you have with your child is your beacon and source of enjoyment. I can help you listen to your natural instincts and be comfortable in your mother-skin.

There are many new mothers out there that struggle to find their feet. If that sounds like you, I’m here to help you grow in confidence and understand that you are the expert when it comes to caring for your baby. Motherhood is a journey, and every pregnancy and birth is different whether it is your first child or your tenth! I can help you feel empowered and listen to your instincts.


How to grow and blossom as a mother

Let’s throw out those repetitive parenting manuals, stop Googling every time you feel unsure, and take the advice from friends and family with a quiet smile. You know your baby best. Your way is best. When you believe it, you grow and blossom as a mother from there!

If you would like to work with me, I provide a range of mentorship packages for new mothers. From being a full live-in guide to being there whenever you need, to one-to-one support on WhatsApp, Voxxer and virtual sessions, or a virtual ‘power-hour’, I’m here to help. Call now for a chat, and let’s see you become more confident and comfortable in your mother-skin.


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