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Commitment to confidentiality

Congratulations on the amazing job you do supporting families. I know first-hand what that entails.

Working on your own can feel isolating, no HR department, no team building, no day to catch up over lunch, no brainstorming sessions, and no supervisor or go-to person.

Yes, we have groups for us, most of these are focused on jobs we cannot fill or questions about the role we do.

The issue with these is they are web-based and although many are closed groups, there isn’t that trust that you can share or post openly & with confidence that this will not be taken – and can often leave you/us feeling judged, shared, etc etc etc.

This is where the off-load sessions come in.

This is where I come in.

As your professional friend, I am here to provide a safety net as you navigate your way along this journey. Here for you to lean on as you learn to trust your instinctuition.

What if motherhood didn’t have to be as tough?

• You thought you knew what you were doing but every day throws a new challenge at you

• You don’t have time to question any and everything but simultaneously you don’t trust your own decisions

• It’s not the first time you’ve become a mum but it hasn’t gotten any easier and now you have more to juggle

• You know you just need a few quick fixes to get you moving forward

• You don’t have the money or capacity for in depth support but need something more tailored than the opinions of anonymous profiles in social media groups

• You have a clear idea of the mother you know you want to be but can’t quite live that life, yet

If you answered yes to any of those, then it’s time that we met.

It's time


We met

Meet Sam


Meet Sam

As someone who worked in the business world and then the NHS, understanding the importance of having somewhere or someone to turn to in confidence cannot be underestimated.

In the business world it was my manager, in NHS it was my midwifery supervisor or shift leader. In the world of self-employment, this is missing.

This could be anything you need to discuss or want to explore but want the safety, security and knowledge that everything you offload is kept 100% confidential.

It's more than just confidentiality it’s an all-around support system – each session is all about you! We can be celebrating the wins of a huge year-long contract with your dream client or pulling apart a frustration or feeling, from a situation that has occurred. Delving into your world and your self-employed journey, navigating the demands of this amazing role, but also the delicate balance of entrepreneurship.


I believe parents are the experts when it comes to caring for their own baby.

What to expect:

Personalised and confidential -  each person's journey is unique and so are those challenges or wins

Warmth & nurturing & understanding – just like how you offer this to your clients, we offer the same to you. Who’s holding you up?

Lightening the load – being able to offload thoughts, feelings, and the confidence to question your practices or family situations helps in preventing burnout

Confidential communication – brings about positive change, unlocks solutions, empowerment to navigate challenges with clarity & confidence

Imagine how



Off Load Session

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  • Increased self-awareness – Even a one-off session can help to increase self-reflection, which in itself harbours you to better understand your capabilities, boundaries and potential
  • Confidence building – positive feedback & recognition of the situation or challenge, can lead to a sense of accomplishment
  • Stress management – provides emotional relief and release and better stress management
  • Collaboration – a sense of a team & someone having you at the centre of it all
  • Emotional support – a supportive environment where you can receive true empathy from someone who truly understands the role
  • Personal development Skills – providing opportunities for personal growth




What my clients say...

“I don't even know where to start. Sam has helped me more than she will maybe ever realise. After a journey to have our baby, with much of it feeling out of my control she has given me the space and tools to advocate for myself, trust my judgement and generally reduce the stress and anxiety I have felt finally being a mother.
Sam provides a completely judgement free space to explore your role as a parent, whilst also guiding and giving the confidence to know that you do know what you're doing!
Every new mother needs Sam in their life!”

Amanda & Baby J

Once you have clicked the link to get intouch, you will receive an email asking a few questions about your current situation and any specific struggles.

There will also be a link to book a 60 minute call so we can get to know each other and explore your wants and wishes, for our month together.

As we move through our time together, you will have access to me 5 days/week from 9am - 5pm via Whatsapp or Voxer. Our conversations will be confidential and you’re free to ask any questions, or raise any issues you’d like us to tackle.

Together we will work through your life as a mum, overcoming obstacles as they arise, celebrating wins as they happen, and building your confidence in using your knowledge and skills to flourish.



What could we work on


This one-to-one package is designed to be tailored to you but if you’re wondering what I can support you with, here are some examples of ways I have helped previous clients.

• Initially I was asked to provide feeding support for mummy A but quickly evolved into helping mum manage life with a 5 year old and a new baby and then into when and how to wean the baby and what routines to establish

• Mummy C felt she needed emotional support as she transitioned into motherhood with her first baby. Together we explored feelings and beliefs in the early days

• Mummy M was finding her relationship hard while having a new baby

• Mummy A specifically needed help with childcare and how to wade through all the options to find a solution that worked best for their family

One month of Sam in Your Pocket package costs £600

Something needs to change but you’re not sure what. Yes, you could carry on trying to figure it out and hoping that at some point things will fall into place and everything will be easy. But that hasn’t happened yet.

So instead of keeping everything crossed that tomorrow will be the day it all changes, let’s take action together to make sure that happens.




Why should I invest in myself?

Right now, you’re probably questioning whether you deserve to invest in yourself, leaning towards the decision to book another baby massage course and get yourself out there like “all the other mums do” Maybe you’re caught up in the belief that you should be feeling grateful for this new role and embracing it instead of admitting the challenges.

Whatever the head chatter is telling you, you deserve to look after yourself.

"If your compassion does not include yourself, it is incomplete"

Jack Kornfield

“Sam is an absolute angel - as a solo first-time mum, she helped me get a routine in place (when everything was thrown in the air starting nursery) & to make a plan for moving away from breastfeeding 24/7! Her calm presence at the end of the phone was so reassuring, and she has a genuine desire to help others - if you’re looking for someone to guide you through any stage of this crazy ride that is motherhood, Sam’s your woman! ”

Jo and baby H

Are you ready for a helping hand to accompany you on this journey...

...Lessening the bumps, and instilling that sense of confidence that’s so prevalent in other areas of your life?

Making the decision to take the first step is the hardest, once you’ve clicked the button below I will be in your pocket for the next month making subsequent decisions, choices and actions feel that bit easier.