Break Free From the Fawn Response & Relieve Your Stress

So I’ve spoken a lot about fight or flight and freeze responses of the nervous system, however, have you heard of the Fawn response?

The Fawn response still belongs to the Sympathetic nervous system, and it is still a stress response. In fact, it is engaging both the fight/flight and Freeze response at the same time. And remembering that a stress response can be perceived, real or imagined.

It is when a person will appease through developing people-pleasing, appeasing behaviours to avoid confrontation & obtain a feeling of safety. Which can look like silence, agreement, being the person those around you need, want or expect you to be, Often without thought for the person’s own needs, rights or wishes. Often feeling numb or switched off to emotions.

How often can you say you have been that person – I know I have.



Ways to break free from Fawn’s response.


As always the first step is self-awareness and being able to recognise when you are engaging in people-pleasing/ appeasing behaviour.

Feelings – Often people who are in a Fawn response do not allow their feelings to be felt. The not feeling is keeping you safe.

Find your person – someone you know and trust, who you can really be around and talk openly about your feelings. Begin to notice these and feel them, how they feel, where you feel them, how you know it feels like it does. Really become expressive & comfortable with your emotions – all are valid and valued.

Values -Know your values as a person. Being aware and settled in who you are and how you are living your life and through what values, can determine who you choose to surround yourself with.

Boundaries – Have set boundaries that align with your values & start to live within these. Noticing when people demand (I don’t want you) wear as a boundary is detailing what you can or cannot do (I’m not going to) and

Breathwork – to bring your nervous system back to rest & digest state & begin healing from within.


Feel free to contact me with any questions you may have here!

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