This is the most hands-on and comprehensive way to work with me.

I’ll be on hand throughout your motherhood journey, with you every step of the way as a live in guide, coaching you to find your way. Completely bespoke to what you and your family need, this package is built around helping you to listen to your natural instincts and trust your intuition, with my knowledge and expertise to help you find your way with confidence and belief that you can do this.

Investment from £500 per 24hr or £28 per hour

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Working with me 1:1 means tailored support to help you find confidence in your routine, rediscover your balance and define where you are going as a parent.

From co-sleeping to putting your baby in their own room, to understanding what you need for you I’ll be on hand through Voxxer and WhatsApp support, as well as virtual sessions to ensure you feel powerful and confident to achieve what you want for you.

Investment from £1,500


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Sam in your


Sam in Your Pocket is just like having me there alongside you, holding your hand as you journey further into motherhood. For a whole month, I will virtually support you through the ups and downs and building your confidence as we go.

With me in your pocket, you will have one to one access to me via Whatsapp or Voxer, 5 days a week between the hours of 9-5. Tailored, personal support to help you ‘in the moment’ whether you’re struggling with breastfeeding latch or feeling overwhelmed by the responsibility of motherhood, I’ll be there to talk you through the heaviness.

Investment £600

Should you not see what you need, please do get in touch for a bespoke package



This service is designed to focus on the specifics that you and your baby need.

Conducted virtually you can ask for the help and advice you need, and I’ll be there to hear you. I’ll be there to help you to see and realise that you are the expert for your own baby. To know that your thoughts and feelings are valid and to help you feel confident that you already know what to do, you just need that professional friend to help you do it.

Investment £175