The Final Weeks Of Pregnancy

You have gone through months of preparing, learning and absorbing every ounce of information out there. There have been weeks of crossing things off to-do lists, finishing work, buying new things, getting odd jobs tied up, filling the fridge, practising the drive to the hospital, testing a dry run of the birth pool. You’ve done all the classes and read all the books. You have felt every emotion known to women; excitement, anxiety, nervousness, love, impatience, and overwhelm.


Now, you’re ready.

You’re ready to go from being a mum-to-be to being a mum, but it’s not that simple. 

You don’t determine the timing. Your unborn child decides it, the baby you haven’t even met yet. Everything hangs in the air; that sense of trepidation, excitement and ‘what now’ fills every moment of your day. 

 In today’s society, we don’t wait for things. We expect instant gratification, and when we can’t have it, we feel uncomfortable and inadequate. We expect everything to happen on our terms, as and when we are ready for it. 

 And so, you’re convinced you should be doing something, that you should be hurrying the process along. The family are asking for updates; friends are waiting, society is on standby. All expecting you to make something happen. You’re busy researching how to speed this process up and make the inevitable happen now.


The nature of the waiting game

However, the beauty and frustration of nature itself (along with the natural process of becoming a mother) is that it is out of your control. Your body instinctively knows what to do, how to prepare, evolve, and handle the changes. Your body knows when the time is right.

 And until then, once there’s no more to learn, to read, to plan and nothing left to buy, to make, or build, there’s no action left for you to take. All it is for you to do right now is to be……nothing more, nothing less.


A time of transition

It’s a period faced by all pregnant women, the last few weeks before your life changes in unimaginable ways. It is a time in which your body innately does precisely what it needs to in preparation for on a hormonal, cellular, emotional and physical level without you even knowing. 

It’s a place to find contentment with the process and allow your body the time and space it needs and let everything else go. Yet, the feeling of quiet unease goes undiscussed amidst the excitement of what’s coming next. 

 So instead of resistance, how would it feel to understand it’s a time of transition? To move through the final stage of this exciting journey to motherhood, embracing your last few weeks as a pregnant mother rather than wishing it away? 

To relax, release & revel all that comes with it before stepping into the new version of yourself, becoming a new mother with a babe in your arms?

 And yet, in a world of labels, there’s no name for this stage of the process every mum-to -be experiences.

Would it make this less frustrating, less challenging and more painless to make peace with just being, if this period had a label? Or is the lack of a name just another part of the process of simply being a mother?


Finding Community in Motherhood

When women can approach motherhood with physical, mental, and emotional self-awareness, they can continue their parenting journey confidently – not because they achieve ‘perfect,’ every time, but because they have learned to connect with themselves. 

Becoming a mummy will make you feel like your world has turned upside down! It can feel like you have lost yourself, but I promise, this is normal, natural, and most mothers feel the same.

As the Motherhood Mentor, I’m a certified Wellbeing Life Coach Certificate accredited with the NHS Personalised care Institute and an Energy, Psychology and Spiritual Life Coach.

 I use these skills when working with mothers and families to help navigate motherhood their way, a way that follows their wants, wishes, instincts, and weaving in some practical hints and tips from my many years of experience.

 If you are looking for support and guidance navigating the transitions of motherhood, I have a FREE Facebook community group that you can join. It is a safe space for all and will allow you to speak to other mothers experiencing what you are, come and join us!

Enjoy those last few weeks of pregnancy with calmness and at ease ladies!

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