The Motherhood Mentor

Hello and welcome,

Sam here, I hope you are having the most amazing day!!

Firstly, a huge congratulations!!! Whether you are new to parenthood or going into parenthood or a dab hand at parenting, your life is going to change most amazingly.
Don’t get me wrong there are times when things can seem out of sorts being a new parent, but I hope you will find lots of value from me to help you along the way.
Over the years I have helped so many families welcome in parenthood. I find it the most amazing job in the world. To see new families appear, new relationships bond and a new normal way of life develop. Seeing first smiles, hearing first cries is there really anything better?
My entire career has involved working with families, babies, pregnancy, birth. I have been a nanny, doula, midwife, maternity nurse, and personally maybe most importantly as a mother… I even have skills in hypnobirthing and baby massage!
Today I help families navigate their way through parenthood. Helping them to understand and acknowledge their instincts and that it’s okay to not always be okay!
I help them to understand that they still need time for them and how they can still fit this in within their new day to day life of parenthood. ( If you haven’t already you can download the workbook here to help with this)
Parenthood is different for everyone … have you heard of people saying that “so and so said to do this with their baby” and that someone else said to do that…

That’s because that may have worked for them but that doesn’t mean to say it will work for everyone.
I believe in working with families to help them transition to the parent that feels right for them. I believe parents are the experts when caring for their baby,
I am there to help them learn to trust themselves, their instincts and believe in themselves.
When parents are supported, encouraged and listened to they can believe in their natural ability to parent without question or worry.
So that’s all from me, I just wanted to say hello and welcome.
When I am not knee-deep in nappies and tasty cakes in a family home, you will normally find me baking at home and experimenting with new tastes (I make a super mean curry apparently! )

It would be amazing to see where you are on your parenthood journey so do feel free to message me here.
Congratulations once again!
Have an amazing day!
Sam x
PS – I have a free Facebook group where you can find a safe space to talk… there are also some great tips and advice! Join for FREE here!

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